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5 tips and triks for your wedding video!

1. Be yourself!

It can be very intimidating to have strangers with cameras surrounding you on one of the most emotional day of life! That being said my best advise advise for you is is to ignore the camera. I have been shooting weddings for a long time so i am used to tars excitement or even nerves. I encourage your emotions, real moments make for the most beautiful content. Another thing to keep in mind is I would never add anything awkward into your final video. I film as much as I can but I only use the highlights in the final cut. Don’t worry about me filming an ugly cry this will only be for your personal library of raw footage. Essentially no one will see anything you don’t want them to. So feel all the important moments and let go of the expectation that you have to look perfect while the camera is rolling. This is your epic romance movie and only you and I will see the bloopers.

2. Don't Look at the camera

This is a very important tip. My camera looks identical to a photography camera (because it is) So at first it can be a little confusing.Its going to be an automatic instinct strike a pose when you see the camera. Don't! For great video footage it is best to be candid. This applies throughout the day, socializing during dinner, primping before the ceremony or congratulatory hugs after. Just ignore the camera and live in the moment.

3. The love montage

So as I mentioned I love my candid moments but there comes a point in the day when I'll need to direct you. Right after the ceremony comes my favorite part of the day the couples shoot. This can feel a little weird at first but I promise it will be worth it in the end. For this portion of the day. For this portion of the day you can expect a lot of kissing, strolling along and sitting in different locations. As easy as that sounds some people can find that very awkward. Trust me I understand! Just keep in mind that even though I film 30sec-1min of every angle all i need is 4-5 seconds of usable footage. All I’m looking for is a loving smile or a cute chuckle and we are good to go. There is also no audio for this portion so you literally be talking about your dog or the rock stuck in you shoe it really doest matter. As long as you look happy while you do it!

4. Keep me in the loop

Weddings are filled with surprises, so do your best to give me a heads up before something interesting happens. This is especially important if I need to capture any dialog. For example if you know your father will say a few words before dinner or mom is going to say a sentimental prayer before walking down the aisle. Letting me ahead of time will give me the opportunity to properly mic them up before hand so I can get the best possible results for your video.

5. Say it loud and proud

During my time with you I provide wireless microphones to pick up the best possible audio. That being said most weddings in the Virgin Islands are outdoors and on the beach. With the wind, crashing waves, bellowing seagulls and added nerves It some couples tend to speak in very low tones. (especially the groom) The more load and clear you speak the more flexibility this gives me in post production. Speaking clearly can even drown out the background noise completely giving beautiful sounding audio. Also your guests will thank you for it as well!

Hopefully this helps gives you a little more information on what to expect during your time with me. Being prepared can help calm the nerves and even alleviate some of the awkwardness. I am always here to help guide you through the experience and answer any questions you might have. I don’t expect people to know these things so there are no stupid questions. I enjoy giving any advise to help you throughout the day. None of these things are exactly obvious or intuitive. I look forward to creating the best wedding videos I can with your help!

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